Hydrogen is the most plentiful molecule on this planet and has the potential as an energy carrier to make a major contribution in the fight against global warming. Neither in its production (based on electrolysis with power from renewable sources) nor in its consumption does it emit greenhouse gases. Hydrogen has further significant advantages. It improves the resilience of the local energy market; it reduces emissions in cities; fuel cell usage in electric vehicles reduces noise level on our streets.

These are compelling reasons to support the transition of the energy market to renewable energy sources and Hydrogen alongside electrical power. It is highly versatile, can be used in industrial processes, as a storage medium in the power sector, in mobility and heating.

The required technologies are not new. However, it has taken some time for governments and private businesses to realise that Hydrogen is essential for decarbonization efforts and therefore move it to the top of their agendas. Decisions made in the years leading up to 2030 will be vital in the successful deployment of a cost effective and competitive Hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen-Consult aims to play its part in this epic energy transition process by helping companies and public bodies understand the options available in the emerging Hydrogen economy.

About Me

My background:
  • Studied Economics & Political Science in the Universities of Saarbrücken & Freiburg, Germany
  • Employed for 28 years by Air Products, a global player in the Industrial Gas Business
  • Worked in Distribution, Product Management and Business Development before moving into General Management
  • Represented the company in Germany, France, the UK, India and Belgium
  • Last assignment was with Messer as Managing Director, Austria
  • Founded Hydrogen-Consult in October 2021

Throughout my career I have been involved with Hydrogen. During my early years in distribution, my responsibilities included the transport of Hydrogen in cylinders and tube trailers. I was also involved in the emerging supply chain of Liquid Hydrogen distribution. Since then, the safe and reliable supply of Hydrogen to industrial users has been an integral part of my business portfolio.

Due to the increased interest in Hydrogen several pilot-projects were initiated in Austria in which I have been involved. I also gave several presentations on the subject and developed a Hydrogen strategy framework for an industrial gas company.

After moving to the UK in November 2020, I have participated in several public consultations on Hydrogen strategies and policies. Beginning of October 2021 saw me chairing a panel discussion at the World Hydrogen Congress in Amsterdam. The congress also coincided with the launch of my consultancy, Hydrogen-Consult.

In April 2022 I also joined Shenion Capital Advisory, a boutique financial advisory company specialised in Hydrogen, as Senior Expert.

Company Profile

What HYDROGEN-CONSULT can do for you

Support you and your company in gaining a better understanding of the emerging Hydrogen market and its potential

Develop a strategy with you for the implementation of Hydrogen in your operation or your involvement in the emerging Hydrogen economy

Help you with your economic analysis of potential Hydrogen projects

Support you in the selection of suppliers of Hydrogen technologies, on both the production and the application side

Link you to Hydrogen producers and users to learn from their experience

Connect you with other potential Hydrogen producers and users in the area to create a local network (Hydrogen Valley)

Hold training sessions on Hydrogen and the Hydrogen economy for your team as well as a wider audience


Hydrogen strategies as PDF and links to useful associations:

UK Hydrogen Strategy PDF EU Hydrogen Strategy PDF German Hydrogen Strategy PDF Logo BCGA Logo Hydrogen Energy Association Logo SHFCA Logo DWV Logo NRW.Energy4Climate Logo Bundesverband eMobility Austria Logo Shenion Capital Advisory Logo Hydrogen Council Logo Hydrogen Europe Logo IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency Logo Clean Hydrogen partnership

My Work

My activities in the Hydrogen sector have been as follows:
  1. Business Experience
    1. P & L responsibility for the Hydrogen business of Messer in Austria 2016 - 2020
      1. Participation in various tenders for the supply of Hydrogen
      2. Renegotiation of a Hydrogen onsite contract
    2. P & L responsibility for the Hydrogen business of the European North Continent at Air Products 2012 - 2015
    3. P & L responsibility for the Hydrogen business of Air Products in Germany 2002 - 2006
    4. Operational responsibility for the Hydrogen tube trailer fleet of Air Products in France 1990 - 1994
  2. Projects
    1. Member of the HYWest Consortium in Tyrol, Austria and participation in the application process for a EU Research fund 2019/20
    2. Development of a Framework Strategy on Hydrogen for the Messer Group
    3. Study of the Austrian Hydrogen Market Environment
    4. M & A research for an Industrial company
    5. Expert Support of a multi national consultancy in a Venture Capital Project
    6. Development of a hydrogen strategy for a German LPG Distributor and ongoing support in the transition
  3. Presentation and Training
    1. Various presentations on “Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier” to Industrial and Business Associations
    2. Introduction training to team members of Shenion Advisory
    3. Various interviews with consultancy and investment companies on Industrial Gases and Hydrogen
  4. Memberships:
    1. HEA (Hydrogen Energy Association)
      1. Member of the Transport and Storage Working Group
    2. SHFCA (Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association)
    3. DWV (German Hydrogen Association)
    4. BCGA (British Compressed Gas Association)
      1. Member of the Technical Sub Committee 9 (Hydrogen)
    5. BVe (Bundesverband eMobility Austria)
  5. Surveys and Workshops
    1. The All-Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies on the Net Zero Strategy for the UK
    2. The Welsh Government Hydrogen Roadmap
    3. The Austrian Government, Austrian Hydrogen Strategy
    4. The University of Bristol, Hydrogen in Mobility
  6. Conferences
    1. Participation in various global conferences and webinars on Hydrogen and renewables

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